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Good Sunday, cyclists! Here comes the most awesome day of the week, it’s when the Cycle Feed Team read and manually select the best content of the week.

This week we are ready to visit the beautiful lands of Slovenia where we’ll look for winds and find magestic waterfalls – can you imagine how it is to bike amidst nature? Next up the road leads us to a small town called Orleans in the US, a place where losing your friend might be impossible, or not? Check that out.

The next two articles bring us to two distinct landscapes of this world of ours. The first cyclo traveller takes us to the vastness of Tibet, the second to the mountains of Switzerland. It’s so beautiful so see the different climates and views. You should check them out.

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– The Winner –

Travel: To awaken at a strange place is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world – Written by @guchtere

Sunday and the alarm rings early in the morning, instant I remember it’s adventure time again. The day before we had a party and I did run a small part together with my runningmate his session of the coastlinemarathon. That was actually the start of our holiday but now time to pack and get on the road!

– The Honourable Mentions –

Finding Us in Orleans – Written by @stortebeker

Way up on the northern edge of Humbolt County, California, deep down in the canyon that the Klamath River dug out for itself, lies the town of Orleans. It is not very big… it’s population is exactly at 604 according to the sign, which is about the size of the village of Rüdenhausen in Germany, where I grew up.

Riding in the Tibetan area for 60 days~The Forty-third days – Written by @iguazi123

The most memorable memory is the starry sky at night. Stereoscopic, so beautiful, maybe We have seen the most beautiful starry sky in Tibetan areas.

The Cycling Sessions Part 7- Indian Summer Lucerne -Zug-Lucerne – Written by @karinxxl

Autumn is in the sky, which means winter is lurking around the corner. My neverending Swiss summer full with outdoor activities is coming into an end due to shifting of weather. This weekend extreme weather is coming to the Alps, which means I will spend the weekend mostly indoors.(and I can tell you, Im not really good at that). So when it was perfect Indian Summer weather, I decided to take the bike for a spin to enjoy the views with still leaves on the trees, before they all get blown of this weekend.

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