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Cycle Feed: Bicycle Photo Contest #7 – Spin the Pedals and Win Steem

Without further ado, this week we’ll start out in Oregon in the US, where we’ll visit an amazing tree house resort in Takilma. Our next ride brings us to Beglik Tash, an prehistoric rock sanctuary situated in Bulgaria. Still in europe we’ll cycle in Derbyshire in the UK on a lovely sunny day. Our final destination is in Buffalo in the US – be warned, there’s food photos, you may end up hungry.

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– The Winner –

Cascadia to Aztlan – The High Way to California – Written by stortebeker

Being natural builders, we are naturally attracted to alternative construction methods, especially the type that aims to live close to nature. Building houses up in the trees puts you right in there, cohabiting with them. So visiting a complex of various tree houses was right up our alley.

– The Honourable Mentions –

Cycling Trip to Beglik Tash – Written by @vesytz

Beglik tash was a sacred place and there were performed sacred rituals from BC II to the beginning of IV century AC. In the region were found lots of weapons, pottery, tools, coins… In these times these lands were inhabited by the Thracian tribe “skirmiani”.

‘Born to be Mild’ cycle ride from Minninglow to Parsley Hay, Derbyshire, UK – Written by @ellenripley

During the summer we decided to cycle the Minninglow to Parsley Hay cycle route in Derbyshire, UK. The trail is a former railway line. It was quite a hot day. The UK was experiencing some lovely weather for a change. We started off at the Minninglow car park off the High Peak trail.

Bike Breakfast at the Hostel – Written by @skoosh

Yesterday morning, I set my alarm so that I could wake up in time to attend what will most likely be the last Hostel Bike Breakfast of the year. Hosted by Hostel Buffalo Niagara, the bike breakfast featured coffee from Perks and gluten-free pancakes and baked goods from Two Wheels Bakery a couple blocks over on Ellicott Street.

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