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Cycle Feed: Announcement Regarding Curation | Bicycle Photo Contest Extended

Without further ado, this week we’ll pedal all over the world on board the bikes of 4 amazing members of the cycling community. Our journey starts in Lieksa in Finland where we’ll witness some amazing rainbows and eat mushrooms. Next up, the road leads us to Minneapolis with its lovely sunset by the lake. From there we cycle to Oregon also in the US. Going back to the old continent we’ll finish the day pedaling in Italy. Keep the pedals spinning fellow cyclist!

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– The Winner –

Bicycle Tour, Day 19: I ate the wrong mushrooms…|Arriving at my final destination – Written by @celestal

Let’s show @celestal some love on this epic cycling tour in Findaland. This brave travelers has taken freedom seriously by camping on forests and even eating what he finds in nature. Read his report to see what happened after eating some mushrooms – take care cyclist!

The last night I found myself a really good spot for a camp, next to a lake, so I decided to cook a little; I made a pot of porridge and collected some mushrooms around the camp site to fry on the pan.

– The Honourable Mentions –

Ulog No. 21 “Sunset Ride in the City” – Written by @mininthecity

If there’s one cyclist that is passionate, that’s for sure @mininthecity. She takes us on this lovely ride by the Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Let’s see how it goes when winter heads her way.

The days are getting shorter here in Minnesota, with fewer minutes of light each twenty-four hour period. We are motivated to cycle as much as possible before winter conditions make it more challenging.

Cascadia to Aztlan – Through the Willamette Valley – Written by @stortebeker

Do you want a dose of wanderlust? Then go ahead and visit @stortebeker‘s blog. In this episode he leaves Portland to go to Eugene, Oregon. This guy is up for a great adventure, if you are a traveler check that out and you’ll be amazed.

After Portland what our next destination was Eugene, Oregon. We estimated it would take us three days of riding, stopping at the Willamette Mission State Park for one night… and somewhere around Corvallis for the second one.

[Fit September] #05 – Cycling / Kolarstwo [30.09.2018] [EN/PL]- Written by @browery

Coming back into the saddle after some resting time, @browery takes us to Italy for a small spin along the canal. Keep the pedals spinning!

The first bicycle ride after a very long break. I will probably have to wait for next one till Sunday. Such a long break was caused by a business trip to Italy and a private trip to Poland for a few days, neither in one case nor the other I did not have the opportunity to ride a bike.

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