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This week we’ll feature some new members into our community, from cyclists working to get a better fit to travellers, we have them all. Our first stop will be in Central Asia where we’ll stop for a ‘small’ lunch – yes, you’ll be hungry. Next up, the road leads us to Switzerland and then passing by Derbyshirelo in the UK. From there we’ll have a grand finale contemplating the Niagara Falls. Keep the pedals spinning fellow cyclist!

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– The Winner –

Dear Food Diary #4: Kazahkstan & Kyrgyzstan – Written by @pushpedal

Let’s show @pushpedal some love on this epic cycling tour in Kazakhstan. Do you know when you are cycling and a certain food desire strucks you? Well, this guys went for a food rampage, making the Cycle Feed team very hungry!

The food here in Central Asia is fantastic, a mixture of western and eastern cuisine. The eating culture, table setting, and roadside refreshment are all so interesting. Where do we start?

– The Honourable Mentions –

The Cycling Sessions Part 6: Brünig-Hasliberg to Lucerne – Written by @karinxxl

The author @karinxxl takes us to the mountains of Switerland, where landscapes are astonishing, and where a severe case of wanderlust may hit you. What a dream place for cycling!

It has been almost a month since I had a decent ride on my bike around the mountains here, and it was time to let my baby outside again. Initially I was planning to go for a hike today, but considering that high in the hills the temperature is a lot lower, I decided to stay in the lowlands and enjoy these late summer hot days in a proper way!

‘Born to be Mild’ Cycle Adventures – Written by @ellenripley

Here comes @ellenripley, the third brave cyclist on tour. Directly from the Queen lands. On her post she talks about the Chesterfield Canal, talks about history and finishes with yet another glorious meal – I think today is the meal day on Cycle Feed!

I purchased a new Carrera Mountain Bike last year to keep myself fit as I get older. Today my brother and I did a 14.5 mile cycle ride along the Chesterfield Canal, Derbyshire, UK to Rother Valley Country Park in South Yorkshire, UK. It’s mostly flat with just a few small inclines, so I managed to do it comfortably.

First Post! (and First Ride to Niagara Falls) – Written by @skoosh

Directly from Buffalo @skoosh takes us on a ride to the famous Niagara Falls. It’s his post and left us curious to see more about his adventures!

Last week for Labor Day, my friend M. invited me to go ride to Niagara Falls. Even though I live in Buffalo and have visited the Falls several times, I’d never ridden my bike there, so I decided that this was a good opportunity to push myself and enjoy a new experience.

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