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This week we’ll bring you to the epic Vancouver Island in Canada, passing by the Eurovelo cycling network in Germany. From there we’ll explore the wilderness in Finland. Last but not least we are going to finish the day with a coffee in Scotland. Keep the pedals spinning fellow cyclist!

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– The Winner –

Cascadia to Aztlan – Rolling Down to Victoria – Written by @stortebeker

Let’s show @storterbeker some love on this epic cycling tour in Vancouver Island. Legends say that the freezing Winter heading his way scared this brave cyclist to warmer areas. Do follow his blog to know more about his bicycle tour!

Just as planned, I stayed at the Doighouse Earthship Build until the end of the season, marked by the long weekend of Labor Day. This symbolic cut-off date at the beginning of September indicated the end of the busy tourist activity on Vancouver Island, along with the start of the school year, and – oh no – the end of Summer!

– The Honourable Mentions –

EuroVelo 7 – Potsdam to Bruck (Germany) – Written by @discovereurovelo

The author @discovereurovelo is another brave touring cyclist. As the name already sugests @discovereurovelo is following the awesome Eurovelo route, the famous bicycle network in Europe. What a dream for any cyclist!

I wish I have stayed in Potsdam a full day to see it all and enjoy it more but my days are literally counted due to the fact that I need to catch the plane back in a week and still cycle around 400 km to Usty nad Labem in Czech Republic. If I’m not advancing daily with my planned route I will not be able to make it on time to connect with where I left off last year.

Bicycle Tour, Day 2 – Written by @celestal

Here comes @celestal, the third brave cyclist on tour. Directly from the cold lands of Finland he is updating us on the spot. If you want an awesome travel story, allied with cycling and thoughtful texts, then this is the man!

At todays camp a wild deer appeared, to the same direction that is in the picture between the tree and the trunk. Our eye contact met, and we both froze still. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t in my pocket so just the slightest step drowe it away.

Ulog 17: A cycle ride to the Dug Café – Written by @natubat

Directly from Scotland @natubat takes us on a ride along the Forth & Clyde canal. This beautiful ride goes beyond the desire for coffee, on the text she talks about the canal regeneration program and how great it was for the nearby area. Totally worth and enjoyable reading her text, you should check that out!

I fell and sprained my ankle about 10 days ago, so hillwalking is out for the next week or two. I thought a cycle ride would be a good way to exercise the ankle without it having to support my entire body weight.

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